From the Desk of John Rourke – February 23rd, 2017


I see that Ivanka Trump’s perfume is now #1 on Amazon even though boycott’s of anything having to do with Trump are going on. Love it.

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Had to miss posting yesterday. Had to work VERY late and ran out of time.

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Looking at picking up a 94′ Jeep Cherokee 4×4. Might be my 13 year olds’ first car. Three years to jack it up, put some bigger tires on it, and get it mechanically sound. Hey – if it turns out really good maybe I’ll take it and give him my Wrangler. Hmmmm…..probably not.

Chris would like it to look like this…..

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News reporter on MSNBC admits that it is their job to control what people think. Not surprised at all.

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Reports indicate the traffic crossing our southern boarder has begun to decline. Yes! It is fantastic to experience an administration that is having at least some positive effect and success in the things it should rather than being a participant in its destruction.

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Been watching Season 2 of The Outsiders. One of my favorite shows.

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