From the Desk of John Rourke – December 28th, 2016


As a huge Star Wars fan the death of Carrie Fisher is terrible news.

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I have ceased the Jericho posts. The last couple only had a few people actually read them. If people have watched through episode 18 they pretty much get the gist of the show already. In retrospect I should have probably stuck with the first 10 or 12 episodes.

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The Federal National Debt is fast approaching $20 trillion dollars. Although people are feeling very positive about the next Administration I do not foresee the debt clock going backwards anytime soon – thus the economic implications resulting still await us.

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In my younger days I enjoyed riding motorcycles. I owned an 83′ Honda Sabre 750 – although one of my favorite bikes was the Honda Hawk GT650. It was truly ahead of its time with a single-sided swing arm.

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Here’s the latest of Jake and I………


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Just got word from of a huge flashlight and electronics sale going on now through January 6th.

There is a boatload of flashlights and LED lights on sale and several discounts on different manufacturers such as JetBEAM and Klarus. Check it out.



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