From the Desk of John Rourke – December 19th, 2016


Interesting the attention that the “DNC email leak/hacking” situation is getting right now. Four years ago when Romney suggested that Russia was the biggest threat t the United States he was labeled ridiculous and “old school” by Obama and the mainstream media. Now those very same people are all over Russia for hacking the DNC – even though Julian Assange has stated Russia was not responsible.

To a certain degree it really doesn’t matter where Wikileaks received their information. It has been proven that the DNC is corrupt and election was completely rigged. Hillary was selected early on and it didn’t matter what Bernie Sanders did she was going to get the nomination. Beyond that evidence was massive that Hillary was chosen to be elected President by the “powers that be”. The uniqueness of Trumps message managed to pull him out the win – even though he managed to best Romney’s totals in 2012 by a couple million votes.

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Huge Star Wars fan when I was a kid. A fanatic really. Going to See Rogue One Tuesday night.

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Went from the 20’s to about 70 degrees in my area within a little over 24 hours. Crazy. Frigid temps all over the country though. Check out a live temperature map HERE.

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Christmas shopping is way past done. Spent a ridiculous amount of money this year.

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