Free Printable Topographical Maps

Ever wanted topographical maps of a particular area? Had a hard time finding just what you were looking for? It simply couldn’t be easier as National Geographic has the entire United States covered – for FREE.

Visiting the National Geographic website provides a full map of the United States. Double-clicking any area begins to zoom in. In the upper left-hand corner, there are controls to continue to zoom in or out as needed. As an area is zoomed multiple quadrants can be seen(below).

topo map, free

Clicking on these red areas(above) will bring up a Topo Map of that area(below).


Above is an example of a printable pdf that opens once an area is selected. The printable pdf is actually a total of 5 pages. Page 1 – shown above – shows the quadrant being looked at. The remaining 4 pages can be printed and combined to provide an enlarged detailed view.

topo map, free

What is a topo map and what is it used for?

Now – you may be wondering to yourself, “Self, what is a topo map and what is it used for?” Well, I will tell you.

Topo maps show the Earth’s terrain, elevation, and landscape using shades of color and lines. Some features of terrain are noted with symbols or small pictures. Generally, man-made objects such as roads and structures are also displayed. Ponds, lakes, and wooded areas can also be determined. Distance can be determined between two areas which could prove extremely useful when hiking, backpacking….or bugging out.

Visit the National Geographic website for more information.


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