Failure in America: Public Education

One of the biggest problems this country is failing to deal with is education. Every politician will stake their political reputation on their desire to improve education – and also how much they already have. More and more money is spent every year while the average graduating student becomes less educated with each passing year.

While there are exceptions my experience and those of many individuals I have talked to shows that the American public school system – once into Middle School and High School levels – are flat-out terrible.

In many areas, there is an overemphasis on sports and a serious lack of emphasis on academics. I personally know teachers that tutored current NFL players and actually took tests for them so they would pass. Grade point systems are manipulated to pass as many students as possible as lower-performing school systems receive less funding. In some school districts, a student cannot receive a zero for work not done. No – if they did not turn on one assignment, did not take one test – they would receive a 40 for the grading period. Insane.

There is little doubt that a Liberal twist is pushed in many schools across the country. In some schools, the literal celebration of Islam is relished for being politically correct and compassionate. Somehow these educators feel elevated raising Islam up while diminishing other religions such as Christianity.

As stated there are exceptions. There are some great schools out there. Most teachers do as good of a job as they can within the restrictions the school districts place on them. The are many students that graduate high school and are very intelligent, well rounded, and educated.

What would I suggest? What would I change?

To start with the video above makes so much sense. The politically correct, Liberal “no one can be offended” and “no one can be excluded” mentality has got to go. Students need to EARN that which they get. No trophy for everyone. Kids can feel satisfied they studied hard and earned a 75 rather than did nothing and received a 50.

Respect for teachers needs to get back in the schools. If kids cannot treat adults like adults then thry can go home…period.

Those graduating schools need to have a skill. I would change high school so that around 10th grade it is decision time.

You will either decide to:

  • Go to college.
  • Go for public service(military, fire, law enforcement, EMS)
  • Learn a skill

Graduating high school fully qualified to…..drop fries or operate the drive through should not be an option.

I’ll also mention the Federal government has no business being involved in education. Where in the Constitution is education mentioned? States should handle education.

Far too many uneducated victims of the public school system are graduating today. We should be providing a well-rounded, wholesome education to today’s youth providing them the ability to succeed – rather than just exist.



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