From the Desk of John Rourke – September 4th, 2017


Hope everyone had a good weekend and enjoys their Labor Day. Weather was great here in South Carolina and mostly relaxed. Went on a short mountain bike ride through some local woods which was pretty cool. Saw some rabbits and deer.

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I can’t figure out if Kim Jong Un is extremely smart – or totally insane. The latest successful testing reportedly consisted of a hydrogen bomb small enough to be placed inside an ICBM. They continue to have major advancements in their nuclear program – if you believe everything that we are being told.

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Appreciate the recent orders for the Sawyer Water Filter Bucket Kits. Saw several names that looked familiar. I’ve been doing some additional testing with two units in one bucket. Higher flow volume works well when needing larger amounts of water.

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It’s being reported that the FBI and DHS warned local law enforcement that Antifa and similar groups could be violent with some documents calling them “domestic terrorists”. This was not released to the public in 2016. Interesting.

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For those into building AR’s check out Mid State Firearms. I am an avid customer and have been impressed with their quality and pricing. Very high value.

For the month of September – National Preparedness Month – they are offering all readers of this website 10% off. Just use promo code “1776” at checkout.

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I watched a report today concerning the water shortage in Houston and surrounding areas. Cases and cases of water are being handed out and I kept thinking to myself – “Self – why don’t they hand out some water filters?”

Definitely taking a look at my water situation which I have felt pretty good about.

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