From the Desk of John Rourke – September 28th, 2017


Hope everyone is having a good week. As stated a few times last week I have been posting some past articles so I could work on a few projects. This may extend into next week. The hope is by taking this time it will mean better things here on 1776 as well as other Internet sites and platforms I manage. Maybe as a side benefit some past content that may have been missed will be seen by many.

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At times I find myself getting down with all the political rhetoric and flat-out corruption in government at all levels. I was recently reminded listening to an interview that all is not bleak. While the MSM sides with violent protestors, anti-Patriotic football players, socialist governments, and most anything this country was founded upon, take a step back and look at what these people are doing.

It’s laughable.

There is actually a group of people arguing that men should be allowed to use the women’s restroom – and vice versa.

The news media freaks out on a regular basis over a “Tweet” from President Trump – and almost ignores North Korea firing a missile over Japan. THEY FIRED A MISSILE OVER JAPAN!!!

The media is “understanding” and “agreeable” when un-Patriotic NFL players refuse to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance but they are TRIGGERED when Trump suggests it is a shameful act.

The media ignore Russian ties and numerous lies from Hillary Clinton – and focus on “rumors” when it comes to a Republican.

Seriously? Yes.

It’s laughable. As hard as they try maybe – just maybe – we are winning. Just look at the NFL ratings.

So – make fun of them. Point out these insane acts and point out the illogical and absurd. We need as many on our side as possible and the battle is just beginning.

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