From the Desk of John Rourke – September 25th, 2017


The choices for free ebooks that I haven’t posted before is becoming rather slim. Just an FYI.

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The kneeling of NFL players during the NFL is not a matter of free speech. It is a matter of disrespect and a sign of the times.

Listen to the National Anthem. Consider the great, incredible things this country has done around the world and here at home. Oh – and when I say “this country” I am referring to the people of this country – ALL THE PEOPLE. Yes, this includes the military, leaders, and common citizens that built the greatest country in the world.

Remember – just because you have the ability to kneel – doesn’t mean you should. Just remember that because you have the right to express yourself – doesn’t mean the rest of the country can’t call you an asshole because of it.

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REMINDER: I have a series of “Blasts From The Past” scheduled this week as I have some things taking up my time. My regular “From the Desk of…” will likely only be published a couple times.

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OK – I have been talking about adding a “Survival & Preparedness Download” section and I have a sampling now available. Look at the top of the screen and find the “DOWNLOADS” section within the navigation menu. Hover your cursor over and a drop-down menu will appear. Currently “Books, Guides, and Manuals” is available. Click on that one. Also under there is a “Wallpaper” page where I’ve made a few computer wallpapers.

This is just a small sampling of the content I have available. Over the next several weeks more downloadable content will be linked to and I’ll let everyone know.

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Have a great week everyone.

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