From the Desk of John Rourke – September 22nd, 2017


Hurricane Maria Update: It appears that Maria will head out into the Atlantic. This is excellent news, however, anything could happen. It is days away from affecting the United States and if it should take a westerly track change it could present a very big problem.

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The sanctions just imposed on North Korea to eliminate their nuclear efforts might – and that is a big MIGHT – be effective. Interesting in that the United States has basically told the rest of the world if you wish to do business with the United States – do not do any business with North Korea. The already crippled economy of North Korea will now be decimated. Unfortunately, it is the North Korean people who will suffer the most.  Hopefully, someone in the government will rise up and take Kim out.

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In the UK – for 5 years straight – Muhammad is the top name given to babies. Hmmm……for some reason I think this is not a good thing.

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Ruger makes some great guns. Reliability has always come to mind when I think, “Ruger”. Ergonomics? Not so much. Their P85/P95 line of pistols just never really felt right in my hands. Your mileage may vary.

For whatever reason I’ve been wanting the old Ruger P85. Several variants exist and reportedly can be purchased online for around $250. A P90 or P345 in 45ACp is another I would like to throw in the safe – and blast away with once in a while. Maybe someday. Finances are tough right now.

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Hope everyone has a great weekend. 





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