From the Desk of John Rourke – September 14th, 2017


In a hard hitting investigative interview on CNN, Hillary Clinton demonstrated her “alternate nostril breathing” technique as one method she used to deal with her loss to President Trump.

I’ll tell you….this is some serious reporting going on. No questions about her releasing her new book on the Anniversary of Benghazi. Nope. No questions on how she felt receiving questions ahead of time for a Democrat debate ahead of time. Of course not. No questions about the hypocritical position she and other Liberals have taken on Trumps relationship with women when her husband is a well-known womanizer and accused rapist.Thanks would be just…crazy. Right?

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Is it just me or are we seeing the two party political system dwarf right in front of us?

One one side you have those who voted for REAL CHANGE and elected Trump. While not a perfect candidate nor man by any stretch of the imagination – he is a political outsider promising to drain the swamp.

On the other side, you have the SWAMP. A collective made up of career politicians both Democrat and Republican who profess to want to better education, the national debt, improve immigration, raise wages, and increase freedom – but do little to nothing to actually do any of that.

My 2 cents.

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Projects in the works…..various ham radio’s and CB’s.

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Progress has been made in the Survival & Preparedness Download section. It is a tremendous amount of work. I suspect I will end up providing a large sampling of files available with free access and then offer – for a small nominal fee – access to entire downloadable folders for easy download. Not sure yet. I have to pay a monthly fee to keep the files on the internet for everyone to access.

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Pet Preparedness Tip: If the power goes out and all is dark placing a small Cyalume lightstick or LED headlamp on the animal’s collar(back of the neck) will help find “Fido”.

Small glowing “rings” are available. See them HERE.

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Latest picture of Jake……

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