From the Desk of John Rourke – September 11th, 2017


IRMA Update: By the time most have read this IRMA will have gone through most of Florida and will be entering Georgia. Tracking being as inaccurate as it is means anything could happen. Watching Irma coverage most of Sunday has shown this is a heck of a storm. While it may end up not being as devastating as predicted there is no doubt Florida has been devastated.

In my area, we are being told winds upwards of 35mph with some gusts a bit more. Schools all across the area have been cancelled.

Tracking can be seen HERE.

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Over the past few years I’ve repeated the same thing on September 11th“Isn’t it amazing how things have changed since we were attacked all those years ago? We were so united on September 12th. Now? We are so divided.”

It’s the truth.

I fear a similar event together would do nothing but accelerate the division as fingers are pointed and blame is placed.

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Busy weekend. Got a lot accomplished.

Finally completed the storage shed at the retreat. Coming along well. Communications is up with power system and an incomplete solar system. 200 watts more of solar ready to be installed along with a massive battery bank.

Looking at adding another 100-watt panel.

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Reports of looting in Miami. The video shows a bunch of thugs breaking into a Footlocker shoe store.

Unbelievable. Well – not really.

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Hope everyone has a great week. All in the path of Irma be safe.

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