From the Desk of John Rourke – October 9th, 2017


It appears that “bump fire” stocks and other devices that provide near full-auto performance may be banned with growing pressure from the public. Many pro-2nd Amendment Congressmen have signaled a willingness to consider gun control legislation as a result of the massacre in Las Vegas.

Even the NRA has suggested that they would support some of these devices being restricted.

While many of us scoff at the idea of ANY gun control – it is not surprising. Politicians operate not with what is right, wrong, or Constitutional. No – they operate and make decisions based on polls. The polls show the voting public wants SOMETHING done – even if it does nothing to stop gun violence.

Bump-fire stocks are now selling upwards of $500-$900 each. Insane. Trigger mechanisms that provide rapid shooting and can simulate full auto are selling like hotcakes.

Fear, the mainstream media, and politics will drive laws to be enacted that will only affect law-abiding citizens. The evil and the insane will continue to do what they do.

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President Trump’s recent “calm before the storm” comment along with the Tweet’s below have many thinking a strike against NK is imminent.

Then again….he may just be referring to a planned visit to Taco Bell and what will follow after that.

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The relaxing that many prepper’s did after a surprising Presidential election is wearing off.  I am hearing from many a “feeling” that has come over them and now kicking prep’s into high gear.

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My Vice President!!! Pence left the Indy-SF game after several SF players took a knee during the anthem. My protest against the FL continues.

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Have a good week everyone!!

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