From the Desk of John Rourke – October 4th, 2017


Thank you for the recent article sharing on social media. As I try to expand the presence of and the multitude of messages and beliefs I promote I certainly cannot do it alone. Certain aspects of publishing can be somewhat automated – at a cost. One of the largest ways to reach more people is via readers sharing content with their friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. If you are connected on any of these platforms and are willing to share I appreciate it.

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I recently heard from Panhandle Rancher and he sent in a fantastic article for me to publish. This will go live within the next two weeks. He has been missed.

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The pathetic montage from Jimmy Kimmel on Monday night calling for more gun control and blaming Republicans for the shooting has led me to continue what I have done as a result of the NFL “kneeling” situation – boycott. While I am not a watcher of Kimmel’s show I am now not a user of any products from Kimmel’s sponsors.

You can view and contact his sponsors HERE.

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Antifa continues their plan to disrupt this country and cause Trump/Pence to leave Washington on November 4th. While I do not take Antifa very seriously with the ability to disrupt the entire country those who live in the areas they will be protesting should pay attention.

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In early 2016 I set some goals related to the Presidential election. Due to concerns over the country after the election, I wanted to be well-situated prep-wise. Well, we know how November turned out. I’m looking at my overall prep’s again. Focusing on several areas:

  • Food/water
  • Communications
  • Cache’s
  • Pre-staging stuff at bug out locations
  • Getting out of debt


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