From the Desk of John Rourke – October 30th, 2017


One last comment on the whole “Free Kindle ebooks aren’t free” thing – it’s all about timing. My “From the Desk of….” posts go live every night at around 9:45pm.  All the listed Kindle books are free at that time. Amazon does not have any control over when the books are free and when they are not. The author decides that. Remember – I’m a Kindle book author.

So far in the month of October over 2,900 ebooks were purchased free as of Sunday morning. FREE. 65 paid Kindle books were also purchased which I would earn a small commission percentage(thank you!).

Timing is the difficult thing. Some of these books are free for 24 hours. Some are literally free all the time. There is no way for me to know. I take the time to post these free books pretty much every day as a service and to try to keep people coming back. The point with putting this here information out there is to dispel any myths that these books require a special membership – or they are free for some and not for others.

I’ve had this same problem over at I actually stopped posting there much because of complaints that 1-3 days later they are not free anymore. I understand the same day complaints to an extent. I am going to start posting over there in the morning or midday daily. The books should stay free up until midnight at the least.

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So this Saturday is it. November 4th marks the “civil war” Antifa is planning on starting and not stopping until Trump and Pence are out of office. I’ve said it before that we need not take the threat from an organized and well-funded enemy lightly – but I’m not expecting much this weekend. In those cities targeted by Antifa, there certainly could be significant disruptions to traffic and city commerce. Violence? Absolutely. It is absolutely recommended to NOT engage and avoid these areas.

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The Wifey has a friend who is constantly complaining. Kids are bad. Husband is awful. Job sucks. Never enough time to do anything. Needs to lose weight. Wants to make extra money on the side. Blah blah blah.

This person is completely in a rut and has no motivation. She is doing nothing to reach her goals and to improve her situation. I’ve thought of going to talk to her and give her some direction but my honesty will likely be found offensive. She needs to decide what she wants and go out there and get it – with massive action and maximum effort.

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Have a great week everyone!!

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Today’s Freebies

Preparedness and Survival Guide for Beginners

Happy, Healthy, and Prepared

Survival Guide: 10 Tools and Weapons Made from Ordinary Things

Goal Setting for Preppers

Bugging Out – prepper fiction

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