From the Desk of John Rourke – October 12th, 2017


A bipartisan gun control Bill has been introduced in Congress. While I hope and suspect the Bill will not pass I have been wrong before. As preppers, we do not deal with certainty. It is the uncertainty of this world that often drives us to take logical steps to be ready. I do believe if this Bill fails – there will be another – eventually. Check out the video below from the Military Arms Channel. While I think there is a level of exaggeration and glorification into the video itself you never know. I have read the Bill and it is extremely general and open to interpretation. I cannot see it passing, but……

The Bill – or at least the initial version of it – can be read HERE. This is a locally stored PDF file.

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The BIG story is entertainment mogul, Harvey Weinstein. He has been accused of sexual assault, rape – and other devious deeds. The evidence released to the public is damning and leaves no doubt to his guilt. Here is the issue – he is another mega-Liberal caught.

But wait – I thought Republican’s and Conservatives were anti-women and bad for women? I mean – Obama and Hillary said if Republicans get elected it will be bad for women – and pretty much everyone else. The hypocrisy is incredible. Again they speak and preach from no moral high ground. They base their opinions and beliefs on polls and power rather than principles. It is really sad that their Sheeple cannot see they are actually being enslaved rather than Liberated.

Havey Weinstein

Anthony Weiner

Bill Clinton

Eliot Spitzer

John Edwards

Gary Condit

Tim Mahoney

Barney Frank

Gary Hart

…..and the list goes on and on.

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