From the Desk of John Rourke – November 7th, 2017


Another unfortunate event where evil shows itself and the innocent are killed. If there can be any positive that comes out of the Texas church shooting is that a “good guy” with a gun likely stopped the continued slaughter. This will be of no consequence to those who wish to reduce the right to keep and bear arms to nothing more than a historical footnote.

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“The single biggest threat to man’s continued dominance on this planet is the virus.”

– – – Joshua Lederberg

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I’ve read several posts and comments around the net related to “bugging out” and “getting home”. One area that is often in debate is how far you can get in a day. Obviously, there are a lot of factors involved including fitness level, health level, shoes, terrain, threats, and of course distance. The average human can walk around 3-4 miles per hour. Simple math should equate how long it will take to get home, right? No – not really. Humans slow down dramatically when walking uphill and only slightly increase in speed when going downhill. That 3-4 mph is on flat even earth. Going across a field of grass with uneven mounds and a hole or divot here and there will drop that speed as well.

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Putting ketchup on scrambled eggs is a sign of communism. No. Don’t do it.

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I love the looks of this off-grid shower…..

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