From the Desk of John Rourke – November 30th, 2017


Ordered mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. As I am looking at goals for 2018 food storage is a major one. While I feel well off in the food department I’ve realized there may be additions to my group I’ve not planned for. My older son has a girlfriend he would not leave and would want to bring her to the retreat.

With that said order 5-gallon mylar bags and absorbers. The plan is to fill up another 6-8 buckets with rice and screw on gamma lids. I’ll do a couple more with beans and maybe a couple other things. Also planning on taking one bucket and use for spic and herbs.

Food is very inexpensive right now and so critically important. No better time to stock up than now.

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Think I’ll get some hard candy to vacuum pack, add an oxygen absorber – stash away.

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[Australian accent] That’s what I like….

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If I was Japan I would be very nervous.

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