From the Desk of John Rourke – November 29th, 2017


Those who stock up on CR2032 batteries they can be found frequently at the Dollar Tree stores. Lithium-ion with a long shelf life.


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It’s interesting over the last few decades as the church has been pushed out of the public to the confines of four walls on Sunday that society has continued a spiraling downward trend.

I suspect this is not a coincidence.

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People are overly sensitive when it comes to OPSEC and tin foil hats. Let’s realize there is a very good chance every one of us will grow old and NOTHING will ever happen. No SHTF. No Yellowstone. No alien invasion. No world war. No attack of the zombie Smurfs. Live your life and enjoy it as with 100% certainty we all have an expiration date…..and prepare…just in case.

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Latest NK missile launch appears to be showing a continued advancement of capability.  Folks – this is not good. Regardless of your thoughts regarding EMP and the direct impact on the USA should a war break out the situation is horribly complex. Should the missiles start flying possibly millions would die – including so many Americans in South Korea.

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