From the Desk of John Rourke – November 22nd, 2017


Starting next week going to go back to the normal posting schedule I have been doing for months. I can see how often posts are viewed and since I started publishing the second article in the afternoon very few people are seeing them. I may republish a couple of them. So – I’ll go back to publishing all posts each evening around 9:30 pm.

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Over the long upcoming weekend, I plan to finally make some dramatic improvements in my organization. I’ve slowly been working on it but need to really move forward. This coincides with turning part of my garage into a gym. The lack of organization certainly effects the ability to see holes in my preps.

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Saw an interesting discussion on BOB(bug out bags) versus GHB(get home bags). Some were saying they were the same thing while others differed on opinions. I have always looked at a BOB as a longterm resource – think heading for the hills and not coming back. Supplies for shelter, cooking, food, etc. would all be included. For a GHB this would be lighter with fewer supplies. The goals is to get you home quickly.

I imagine if the trip to “get home” was a great distance both kits would be similar.

In the end, my point is call it whatever you want. Just have it.

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Over in the 1776 Telegram group, there has been some discussion related to rechargeable batteries. I thought I was pretty good in that department but compared to some others I pale in comparison. I have several chargers for different batteries but really want to get a couple Nitecore chargers that can charge all that I use.

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No better time than now to start thinking about goals & objectives for 2018.

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