From the Desk of John Rourke – November 1st, 2017


For longterm power outages, candles are an inexpensive solution. Excellent shelf life and easy storage make candle a staple which to stock up. My own preference are jar candles. They provide their own container and burn efficiently. Never leave a candle unattended….for obvious reasons.

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Radical Islam needs to be targeted and eradicated. That would take an enormous amount of politically incorrect action…which is not likely to happen in our current political culture and environment. Profiling has proven time and time again to increase the effectiveness and ability to stop terrorism.Here in the United States

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Oh…..I predict within 24 hours I will see a social media post about how everyone needs to look at what the terrorist attack mentioned above is distracting all of us from.  Just another false flag government operation allow the government to do something without the public or media paying attention. Seriously. It will be posted and people will believe.

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Liberal honesty is an oxymoron. “Truth”, to Liberals, is a moving target and a matter of perspective. Facts and logic are dismissed for fantasy and emotion.

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