From the Desk of John Rourke – November 10th, 2017


Sorry for the lack of regular posting. As stated previously I have a lot going on and hopefully, by sometime next week all will be back to normal. Priorities.

Although finding time to work here has been difficult it is fairly easy for me to throw something up on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and also in the Facebook Group.

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Picked up a S&W Shield 9mm via trade. I had one previously and have regretted selling it ever since.

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I like the looks and features of this AR dust cover.

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Seems like the talk of gun control – including the banning of devices that replicate full auto firing – has died off.

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My .02 cents: Gun oil is the lubricant designed and what works best for firearms. Motor oil is NOT designed for firearms. Will it work? Maybe. There simply is not a reason to use motor oil in place of the engineered lubricant meant and designed for the purpose – gun oil. Could there be an exception? Possibly Mobil 1 synthetic. Spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on firearms it seems to me skimping to save a few dollars on lubricant just doesn’t make sense.

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Have a good weekend everyone!

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