From the Desk of John Rourke – May 17th, 2017

Far too many people get into too many details about too many things within the preparedness realm of thinking. Yeah. People exclaim you MUST have THIS gun, THIS knife, THIS radio, THIS food, THIS red dot. If you don’t follow these “expert” tips then you might as well put a bullet in your head as you have no chance of survival.

I call BS on that.

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After Trump was elected I had a brief moment when I thought change could really happen. I thought this country might really get turned around. Well, change is occurring – but is it for the better? I’m not talking about what Trump wants to do rather what the rest of government and media will allow him to do. There is an absolute war against true change in Washington like I have never seen.

The mainstream media, majority of government, and Hollywood have launched a relentless publicity attack against anything and everything related to Trump. The reality is the more lies are told and pounded into the heads of the American public the more the lie will appear to be the truth. That, my friends, is all it takes.

Those – like me – that breathed a sigh of relief when Trump was elected had reason to do so but the overwhelming negativity is going to be hard to overcome in 2020. The lies, hypocrisy, and corruption preventing the “draining of the swamp” goes directly in line with the beginning stages of the American Reformation. When the President cannot request higher levels of vetting for those entering the United States due to the courts claiming racism or religious targeting.

When the President cannot request higher levels of vetting for those foreigners entering the United States due to the courts claiming racism or religious targeting – there is an obvious agenda against him. When statements made by a candidate for President are used to “infer” meaning into a law or Executive Order rather than basing examination on what the law/EA actually states – we have evidence of the “Loyalist” agenda.

For far too many American’s “truth” is not a factor when developing their opinions. The appearance of truth is all that matters to them and what is deemed popular. The country is lost.

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Used salt to scrub my cast iron pan – which I have abused horribly. Worked great!

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I was at the bank the other day and an elderly woman asked me to check her balance. So I pushed her over.

Was that wrong?

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