From the Desk of John Rourke – May 15th, 2017

North Korea’s latest missile launch likely has Putin thinking of making the country one big parking lot. The missile launched Sunday landed within 60 miles of the Russian coast. This particular missile flew at an altitude of 1,245 miles – very high. Although the total distance of the test was around 450 miles if the missile had flown a lower trajectory it is possible the distance reached would have been around 3,700 miles. If that is factual the missile would be ranked within the “intercontinental” category.

North Korea is also stating of this seemingly technological breakthrough that they have now proven they have a missile capable of carrying a large nuclear warhead.

I have recently come across some information related to EMP, North Korea, and past nuclear tests. Nothing top secret but the information I had never heard before and for me – provides reason for concern. I have to write it up and provide links to the research so hopefully this coming Sunday night I will publish it.

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I have some activities at work this week so dealing with comments and site issues may be slow.

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I’ve just recently re-joined a local gym and need to get back to working out. The yo-yo, roller coaster ride of working out – and then not – is pathetic and I am extremely disappointed in myself. I’m pissed really.  I was killing it at Crossfit just a couple years ago and in the best shape of my life – then a combination of nagging injuries, being burned out – and laziness did me in. I have got to break out of this rut.

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Have a good week everyone. Stay safe!

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