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Just scheduled an interview on with Mark Goodwin in April. Once it goes live will make an announcement. Looking forward to it.

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Over on the 1776PatriotUSA FB Group a question came up about having cash on hand and if it all comes crashing down would the government declare the US dollar to be worthless – and how long would that take. A good discussion followed however, I believe the premise of the question to be false from the start.

Hey – we all have different beliefs but as one commenter put it they had “never heard of a country declaring its currency worthless.” I haven’t either and do not see any reason why it either could happen – or would happen.

The value of that greenish piece of paper is largely what it is because people believe in its value. While I understand the effect of supply increase causing a potential decrease in value – it has not happened recently with the US dollar. Although prices fluctuate – much of what I buy today costs similar to what I paid 10 years ago. This is true even though massive amounts of money have been pumped into the system through QE.

While other countries have seen substantial inflation when their government massively increases the money supply I think the United States with its sheer mass and complex societal and monetary system is able to absorb the additional funds. I’m no economic expert but an increase in the money supply of close to 50% from 2006 to 2016 is significant. The effect seems to not be – at least not yet.

Re-reading all of the above not sure I am actually getting across what I am trying to say. The bottom line is you’re not going to wake up tomorrow and find the dollars in your wallet worth nothing. It’s coming – but it’s going to take more time.

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The new proposed healthcare plan/bill is available online. Why do I have a feeling the Republicans have totally screwed this up? I hope not. You can download it yourself HERE.

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Anyone have any experience with Cerekote or Duracoat? Would like to get some information.

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Here is a picture of the Vortex Crossfire II 1-4X scope I mentioned yesterday in my Patriot rifle review – with the laser on. I was able to exchange the laser and went ahead and mounted it. We’ll see if the TruGlo Micro Laser holds up. It is so tiny and lightweight I really hope it does.

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