From the Desk of John Rourke – March 21st, 2017


I’m probably preaching to the choir here but the increase in violence and threats since Trump’s election is telling. The level of incivility and pure hate has reached a level I have never seen. Every passing day it seems to grow to new extremes. I’m not saying anything you haven’t heard or probably have seen yourself. It just confirms to me that an American Reformation – a new Civil War – is unavoidable. The Progressives are digging in and becoming very unified. That my friends is dangerous. Very dangerous.

10 years from now what will this country look like?

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SAVE SOME MONEY, SHOOT SOME MORE TIP: Paper plates. Yes – use paper plates as targets. Think about it. You can buy paper plates of different sizes CHEAP! Of course, a ream of paper is the ultimate but paper plates hold up better and are round.

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Has anyone performed any tests with Tannerite to see how long it is good once mixed?

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Mentioned that I had a project vehicle I was buying – a 1994 Jeep Cherokee. I finally took possession of it. Now to start putting together a list of what needs to be done and get started. It’s rough but has potential.

There are many reasons why so many love their Kindle and Amazon Fire tablets. One huge advantage is you could literally go years without every buying a book to read as there are tons of free eBooks available. Don’t have a Kindle or Fire? No problem. There are apps that can be installed on most any cell phone or computer for free. No excuses!

Today’s Freebies

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