From the Desk of John Rourke – July 28th, 2017


John McCain has proven once again he has gone to the dark side with his vote against repealing ObamaCare.

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Recently had a response on an FB post that read something like this…..

“If you cannot light a fire and keep it going in a blizzard you are not prepared. If you do not train in the most extreme conditions then you are not prepared.”

I totally disagree and this is what I would call “snobbish” at a minimum. This goes right in line with the thinking if you cannot afford a Daniel Defense firearm then you have junk and might as well just bury your head in the sand. Same if you cannot process your own deer from field to plate – well, you’re just going to end up a statistic in ANY scenario.


We all have limitations. We all have perspectives for our preparations. I would never tell someone that has built up a solid one month supply of food they are simply unprepared and might as well pack it in. “Great job!”. would be my response.

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North Korea fires another ballistic missile. NK continues to be part of the threat matrix.

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Iran has failed rocket launch as they try to put a missile in space. Congress putting sanctions in place.

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