From the Desk of John Rourke – July 27th, 2017


There is an effort underway for California to secede from the Union. The movement is in its infancy.

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Here is an interesting and informative video regarding the North Korean efforts in developing their nuclear arsenal. It is a bit aged as they now have a nuclear ICBM based on very recent tests.


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Trump has made a statement he will not allow transgender people to serve in the military in any capacity.

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More news…..Iran is planning another attempt to launch a satellite into space.

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Many out there who have given up on preparedness or slowed their efforts to an almost crawl fail to realize the threats that exist daily.

Cyberterrorism continues to be a major threat. The electric grid could be taken down by determined individuals via several main substations. It would take quite a coordinated effort but it is possible. A solar flare could create havoc with our communications systems as well as the national grid. The financial system could collapse due to any number of reasons.

Worst of all: Elizabeth Warren could be elected President. Oh my!

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The corruption in the DNC is massive. Hillary’s servers, smashed phones, destroyed hard drives, leaked questions trying to keep Bernie from getting the nod, a few dead people with questionable ways of how they got that way, etc.

Now this.

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