From the Desk of John Rourke – January 19th, 2018


I’ve been paying attention to many prepper groups on social media. It’s interesting how many of these groups have rules against politics, religion, and discussions of certain topics such cannibalism, prostitution, theft, and numerous others.

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Although I have not been watching the NFL this year – my team is the New England Patriots. They will win the Super Bowl come February.

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Jobless claims are at a 45 year low. This is great news for the economy and the American people.

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Does it take money to be a prepper and prepare? Yes. The most important fundamental steps can be done fairly quickly and inexpensively. The three often mentioned “beans, bullets, and band-aids” can involve a little extra food & water, a pistol, and first aid kit. Expansion from there just continues the level of readiness.

Talking with a friend who is not a prepper they mentioned that there was a murder in their remote town not far from them. This is a very rare event that had many people scared. I mentioned that is the reason why I train and prepare. It’s not paranoia – it’s awareness.

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Seems the 10mm is making a comeback. I’ve seen several pistols recently introduced in this expensive caliber. Remington has a longslide version of their 1911. Never had a 10mm but would like to get one someday.

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Next month taking a jaunt several hours from here and will put together a kit to take with me. No issues with CWP reciprocity. Actually might do some shooting while I am away. Going to be gone for about 3 days. Good time to build a new pack and then leave intact for future trips.

I’ve always emphasized a lightweight GHB. Speed in transportation is the reason if on foot. On foot? That would suck.

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Have a great weekend everyone!!

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