From the Desk of John Rourke – January 15th, 2018


The false alert of an incoming ballistic missile in Hawaii was certainly alarming – and embarrassing. What basically amounted to the push of a wrong button sent countless in panic mode seeking shelter. A good reminder though to have a plan – always.

Where to go? The family is away from each other who will get who? If normal communication goes down is there a backup plan? Lots of questions to ask now and get the answer before something bad happens.

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Started working on the book edits. I have to go in and approve each individual edit manually so I can better learn how to write better. Time-consuming but valuable. Once the edits are complete the rewriting will begin. Focus: Book One of the trilogy. Need a new name as well. Hmmm……

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Thoughts on Cast Iron Cookware: I’ve been using Lodge cast iron for years and love it. My problem is I don’t take care of them. Rust shows up and I have to scrub it off and oil it up. With a little care, they can last forever. A standard 12″ Lodge skillet is my favorite size.

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So you want to make an EMP Proof Galvanized Trash Can? One thing that has to be done is to line the trash can to ensure no metal can touch the contents. One trick to line it with rolls of toilet paper. That way you have a storage of toilet paper AND EMP protection.

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Have a great week everyone……..

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