From the Desk of John Rourke – December 8th, 2017


With the issue of communication post-SHTF, there is not nearly enough discussion regarding listening. I’m just as guilty as anyone. In my own plans a “commo center” is set up with TV, internet/laptop/tablet, AM, FM, ham radio of various frequencies, CB, FRS/GMRS, shortwave, and a scanner. The vast majority of these devices are to gather intelligence.

No one knows exactly what will transpire. When it all starts the internet may remain for days or even weeks. Using a laptop or tablet could be very useful gaining information via local or regional news. AM/FM is certainly a viable source for information with many “all news” stations.

Of course, the old standby of two tin cans connected by a string is an option.

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Islam is the religion of peace: Can’t you tell from the violence that has erupted since President Trump announced the embassy will move to Jerusalem?

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Your Get Home Bag is a Point A to Point B kit – not a massive “oh know the aliens have invaded and I must escape to the mountains.”

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Reminder: Think about your Goals & Objectives for 2018. I will be posting mine likely right after Christmas. I have looked back at my 2017 list and I blew it. Hey – it happens. Things change and life happens.

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Have a great weekend everyone!

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