From the Desk of John Rourke – December 7th, 2017

Many of us that write material for magazines, blogs, social media, or publish books do so not for the “big money” we get – but because we enjoy it.

With that said there are expenses involved and it is difficult to retain a high level of publishing without recouping some of those costs. Often this is done by taking on advertisers and sponsors. Oh – and our time is valuable as well.

In my own case, I am very particular who I develop relationships with. Over the last 8 years, I’ve been involved with some of the biggest names in the preparedness industry. Up until recently, it has been a mutually beneficial arrangement.

While I will provide no names I’ve had two businesses EVERYONE has heard of burn me recently. I put in a lot of work for these entities based on an agreement and then when it is time for them to pay me(very little, by the way) – nothing.

While I would do much of what I do just because I enjoy it – the amount of work I put in would drop by 90% if it was totally for free.

Just a little, tiny rant – totally free.

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Trumps move on Israel is such a welcome change from the cold relationship that the Obama administration had over the last 8 years with one of our closest allies.

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This is an example of the pathetic lies our Congressional representatives spew. You’ve heard it about almost every piece of legislation that is brought forth. Propaganda comes from both sides but I’ll tell you – the Progressives REALLY know how to turn it up a notch.

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Look at the size of this 17+ foot python caught in Florida. Wow!!

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