From the Desk of John Rourke – December 28th, 2017


2017 is coming to a close quickly. Man, it has gone by so fast.

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Managed to pick up some used weightlifting equipment. This included a multi-station weight machine that uses metal weights and cables as opposed to a weight stack, along with 280 pounds of weights. Also in the package received a punching bag  – the type you fill the bottom with water. $225 – not bad. I still need a squat/bench rack and an Olympic weight set. Still looking. Already had the stationary bike. Coming together.

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There was a discussion in a forum I am a member comparing 16″ to 20″ barrel AR’s. One member was looking to build a good for long-term storage in a cache thus did not want to have any battery-operated optics. Typical ranges noted were less than 100 yards.

There were a lot of responses with most coming from the perspective of something they read on the Internet. While some opinions may be based on truthful and accurate information the overabundance of data points went way outside the scope of the question. Twist rate was brought up. Bullet weight was brought up. Velocity between .223 and 5.56 in each barrel length was discussed.

Seriously – it’s less than 100 yards. There are factors

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Speaking of AR’s: I had mentioned previously someone asked me about building an AR for their property. Maximum yards around 300 with 100 yards being common. Age is a factor so eyesight is not getting any better. I took on the project and am building a 16″ upper(from Mid State Firearms of course). A 1-4X optic – possibly from Bushnell – will be mounted. This allows for closer shots down to 1X and further distance shots with a quick flip to 4X.

Almost any AR could fit the application but listening to the shooter this is what I decided on. I” take some pics and write something up when I am done.

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