From the Desk of John Rourke – December 21st, 2017


The GOP Tax Bill has been passed. I watched President Trump and GOP Congressional leaders at their press conference and it was impressive. Although it was, for the most part, a show I was impressed with the appearance of unity. I can only hope this unity continues and more can be accomplished.

Very telling that not a single Democrat voted to reduce taxes in the United States. Not surprising – but telling.

AT&T & Wells Fargo announced bonuses and pay increases for their workers shortly after the passing of the Bill. AT&T stated that over 200,000 employees would receive a bonus of $1,000. Wells Fargo and Fifth Third banks announced bonuses due to the tax bill as well as increasing their minimum wage to $15 per hour.

Not a single Democrat vote. Not one.

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The search for a Jeep Cherokee continues. Not much luck. Most of the ones I find have some type of mechanical issues and they are asking too much. May expand my search into some other vehicles. Currently looking for a 94′-00′ model.

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When someone thinks of a “bug out vehicle,” some big 4×4 with knobby tires is usually envisioned. With many of these vehicles(like my Jeep Wrangler) getting less than 20mpg is the norm.

With fuel being such an important and vital commodity the “economy” car may make some sense as a bug out vehicle.

Possible Scenario: Making a trip while there are lines at gas stations getting 20 miles per gallons versus 30 miles per gallon. 15 gallons in the tank plus a 5-gallon gas can equate to 400 miles versus 600 miles range.

This is significant.

Just a thought.

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