From the Desk of John Rourke – December 1st, 2017


Monarch 230-grain 45ACP rounds are sold by Academy Sports. I’ve shot a few hundred rounds through my Springfield MC Operator 1911 with great results. Accuracy and reliability are on par with more expensive ball ammunition I’ve shot. So far so good so I’ll keep buying.

Monarch 45ACP, brass cased, 1911, ammo, ammunition

This is BRASS ammunition. I have never shot the steel-cased 45ACP variant.

Typically found for $18.99 this is a great round for most any wallet(or purse).

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Although I have my doubts we may just be seeing an actual change in political climate across the US. The accountability of men involved in sexual assault – although I suspect there is much that is made up or at least exaggerated – is a step in the right direction. Interesting that at least to this point it involves mostly the Progressives.

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Amazon, as well as many other places, continue to have some great deals. Good time to stock up.

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Anyone have any experience with Frog Lube?

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Haven’t heard of any action in Congress regarding gun legislation until just recently. A bill is actually moving through the House of Representatives to EXPAND gun rights – rather than take them away. A national Reciprocity Bill has been introduced to create a situation in this country with CWP like drivers licenses. I think this would be a very positive step in the right direction.

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Had the passenger-side brake of Project Cherokee lock up the other night. During my lunch break had to go jack it up, remove tire, and soak it down with lube. Seems to have broken free. Hoping it will make it home tomorrow and then will work on checking everything out.

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