From the Desk of John Rourke – August 3rd, 2017


I swear I can feel Fall in the air.

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So I like the way my Condor T&T EDC kit came out. Riding in the back of the Jeep it and all its contents will be there if needed. I am looking at changing out my Get Home Bag from the backpack version featured in the Projects section to more of a shoulder bag. My typical distance from home is 20 miles or less at any given time. Lighter is better for me.

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Other than building AR’s I have put a stop on purchasing guns….at least for now. The money equation isn’t adding up. I would really like to get a Sig P320 and get some trigger time with it. We’ll see.

P320, Sig P320, pistol US Army, self defense

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So the DOW hits a record 22,000. Get ready folks. There is a correction coming. It may be in a month. It may be in three years. It’s coming and will be BIG. The stock market is inflated to 22,000 and nothing but HOPE to keep it up.

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YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST: On August 21st during the upcoming total solar eclipse a brigade of alien ships will come around from the back of the moon and head towards Earth. They will spread across the planet moving over major industrial areas and wait for their orders. It will be announced within days…..and THIS is top secret……that Nancy Pelosi is the leader of the invasion force.

Shhhh……get ready now!!!

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