From the Desk of John Rourke – August 2nd, 2017

Took off Monday and Tuesday from work to get a few things done. As usual failed to complete as many projects as desired. My youngest and I did pick up some fishing supplies on clearance at a local store and went out on the river Tuesday afternoon.

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I used to criticize those that stated they refused to vote as it really didn’t make any difference. While I have not gone completely to the Dark Side it is pretty apparent that getting a full Republican majority in Congress AND a Republican President has not created “change we can believe in.” At least not yet.

It’s pretty pathetic. The tremendous ideas that have come out of the Conservative movement should be passing left and right – rather than continuing to be just ideas.

Let’s remember the three Senators who voted against the Obamacare repeal:




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Recently discovered Amazon has some incredible prices on their AmazonBasics brand batteries:

AAA alkaline batteries/36 count – $8.99


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When I think back to the YK2 end of the world prediction I cannot imagine how disappointed some people were at 12:01AM when nothing – not a thing – happened. It’s not that I am suggesting that most people wished for bad stuff to happen but the massive build up to that time – and then nothing.

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I came across a guy on Facebook who criticized my purchasing of alkaline and lithium ion batteries. I stock up on A LOT of them. He basically said that I was wasting my money as I should ONLY buy rechargeable batteries.

I have found that preppers fall into a few categories. The “hardcore” all in or “you might as well kiss your ass goodbye” type. If you do not have XX gun and XX years of food – well-  you’re just a wanna be.These are the same folks who will NOT live their life and experience all that the world has to offer because they BELIEVE something might happen. It MIGHT happen.

I don’t fit into that category. People have predicted DOOM for hundreds of years and as far as the apocalypse – not happened yet. Now tomorrow is another day and threats continue to exist and build so I prepare. I also live my life and enjoy going to the movies, kayaking down the river, and buying my alkaline batteries.

By the way – I have rechargeables as well.

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