From the Desk of John Rourke – August 14th, 2017


Appreciate the positive comments on how the site is going. Trying to get it a little more polished and organized. If willing those on social media I would appreciate your sharing of posts on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc. If you are a member of any prepper Facebook groups sharing there would be great. Sharing posts in survival & preparedness forums is also a way to spread the word. If 1776PatriotUSA is to get taken to the next level – I’m not the one who will take it there. It will be you.

The section at the bottom below the posts has been developed over the past couple weeks. Someone asked how long it had been there. I’ve tried to find a way to show my Instagram feed and this is the best way so far. I’m an Instagram junky.

Lastly, I am an avid Audible user. I listen to audio books every single day and over the last year or so have “read” more than 50 books all thanks to Audible. Just finishing up What’s Left of My World. Very good. As I finish each book and move on to the next I’ll change the image at the bottom of this website.

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Charlottesville: The unfortunate situation in Charlottesville is the result of a certifiable nutcase. Every political party has their nut cases and these racist white nationalists are no different than their Antifa siblings.

It’s worth noting that those of us who believe we are on an inevitable path towards a second civil war – or an American Reformation – are observing this event as just one that will go down in history as the footsteps to bigger battles.

Also worth noting Trump came out and condemned the violence and the hate – while Obama sought understanding for the BLM movement and destructive protestors in Ferguson. The hypocrisy is overwhelming and the #fakenews ignores it.

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The uproar over the Sig P320 “can fire when dropped” report is ridiculous. A problem? I guess – especially if you frequently drop your pistol at just the right angle with just the right pressure. It will be fixed. The origin of the insanity are those people upset that Sig was awarded the military contract in the first place. Don’t like the Sig? Don’t buy one.

I have to say the ability to use the P320 as a pistol or a grenade is pretty useful feature though!!  🙂

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FYI – I shot a few rounds Saturday out of the Taurus PT-111 G2 9mm as I head towards 2,000 rounds. One of the ammo choices was the Winchester Train & Defend hollow point as pictured below. It has a fairly large hole in the hollow point and was pretty sure it would not feed. Results? No problem. 25 rounds was the limit of the test but every round fired.

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Hope everyone has a great week.

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