From the Desk of John Rourke – August 10th, 2017


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Flight time for a missile to go from North Korea to Guam = 14 minutes.

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Completed my latest AR pistol build. Had an issue with getting the bolt catch pin inserted. It just wouldn’t go. Had to “repeal and replace” it with a new pin. I purchased some special tools off eBay to help with that installation and it went much smoother.

Here is a pic of the completed gun…..

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Lightweight AR Build Update: I have almost all the components to put together this latest project. This is certainly a budget build so really curious what the weight will end up being. 5 pounds is the goal but not sure how close I’ll get. Standard M4 weight at around 6.5 pounds shaving 1.5 pounds is doable but we’ll see.

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I’ve seen many stories of people who use wood to cook and heat with – via open flame – developing respiratory issues. Stories out of Venezuela are confirming this issue as well. The constant breathing of smoke creates a raspy voice and eventually breathing issues.

Something to consider for post-SHTF times.

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