Converting a Cargo Trailer Into a Camper

A little over a year ago I was looking into converting a cargo trailer into a “camper”. The purpose behind this was not only to be ready-to-go for camping at a moments notice but also for bugging out. The vehicles I had at the time had fairly low maximum pounds which I could pull. Even a pop-up camper weighed too much. After seeing the video below I was intrigued and started seriously looking into a cargo trailer conversion. I felt with a smaller trailer conversion I would come in close to the weight I could handle.

Inevitably I never proceeded forward. I ended up buying an old military two-wheeled trailer and it currently sits at a local shop being customized. Possibly before the next Presidential election, I may get it back as they have had it WAY too long. The cost of the customizing is dirt cheap so I don’t have a lot to complain about. Regardless, the cargo trailer conversion to a camper is a budget-friendly solution.

 Warning – turn off the sound otherwise you may just go insane.


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