Concerns Run High Over Tomahawk Strike in Syria


I felt the need to further comment on the rapidly changing events involving chemical weapons, Syria, the United States – and Russia. There is a lot of information being put out there and much of it is not based in fact. Assumptions are being made, news stories from years ago mentioned as if they happened yesterday – and conspiracy theories promoted as fact.

I’m not going to pass on a bullet point list of “facts”. Everyone should perform their own research and develop and educated opinion rather than one built on something read on Facebook.

Here’s my opinion(like everything else on this website):

The evidence is overwhelming that Assad attacked his own people using chemical weapons…..again. I do not believe that President Trump – who was not one to promote military engagement overseas – would send 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles into Syria without solid proof that Assad was involved. If someone does not believe that – well, there is not much I can say on that. I’m just passing on what I believe.

I’ve gone online and watched the horrendous footage of men, women, and children suffering from the most recent chemical attack earlier this week. Piles of bodies being stacked while relatives look for family members. Witnesses reporting on the attack itself seeing the bombs falling from the sky. What a nightmare.

The responsibility of what is happening right now falls squarely on the hands of the previous administration. Obama drew his “red line in the sand” and Assad crossed it without severe repercussions. Assad crossed the line once again this week and Trump made a statement. That statement was made not just to Syria but to North Korea, China, Russia, and the rest of the world.

Are we going to end up in a conflict with Russia? Over an assclown like Assad? I don’t think so.

The facts are out there. Research for yourself and use multiple sources – domestic and overseas. In the end, cover your own arse and prepare as you know you should.

Have a good weekend.



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