Best Disposable Gun?


Back in mid-November Commander Zero wrote up a post on his favorite “disposable” gun. The post makes a lot of sense. Commander Zero points out that it is common to find people spend tons of money on quality gear but then go ultra cheap – aka “disposable” – when it comes to caches and such. I agree and I used to think this way myself.

Realizing that any gun is better than no gun if one finds themselves desperate enough to need the items buried in a cache – I suspect having some pretty good stuff put back would be advantageous.


Commander Zero states his choice for a high value/quality disposable gun  is the Ruger P95. I agree. Although he states around $200 can be spent on one I have never seen them going that low. My own choice is the Taurus G2 9mm. Yeah – the lowly low quality Taurus – that I’ve never had a problem with.  Hey – my experience is not yours.

The G2 can be purchased commonly for $200 on sale at a local shop new. I carry one daily at the moment so there is no reason I wouldn’t use one in a cache. Are there better choices? Absolutely – including Commander Zero’s Ruger P95. Are there worse contenders? Many.




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