Health, Fitness….and 20 Pounds

So many of us complain about needing to lose weight and get fit. “Health” is another matter and although related to fitness and overall body composition it is NOT the same thing. The last several months I’ve been in a fitness rut.  There have been periods of working out and eating right – and then times of being slack. The wife and I have been talking and we need to get back on track…

Years ago I read a book by Sylvester Stallone geared towards those 30 and above. He stated in the book that once someone hits 40 it is decision time. He went on to say that around 40 years old if one does not take their health and fitness serious that things can go downhill fast. Waiting too long to make that decision will result in it taking a lot more work to reach a healthy and fit status.

I’ve been working out for over 30 years. I studied nutrition in college and on my own for quite some time. I have no shortage of knowledge and sometimes I think that’s it a handicap which causes me to overthink what to do rather than just doing it. My goals are fairly straightforward – lose 20 pounds.

I thought about what I would tell someone if they approached me with the same goal(weight loss). I would recommend an exercise program high in cardio activity while eating a very clean diet of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.  A calorie restricted diet is a must as for weight loss I must be in calorie deficit.

As you read this I have just started.

I am challenging myself to get it done – to be deliberate. I’ve done it before but it has been awhile.

I’ll update everyone on my progress. It’s important. This is related to preparedness as once I accomplish my goal I will be able to take on strenuous work and activities – such as walking home 25 miles – much better.

So – anyone with me? Anyone else willing to stop with the excuses and just get it done?




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