Bad Things Happen In a Free Society


It’s an inevitable question asked by children everywhere. There is no easy answer. I remember in 10th grade having a local minister visit my home and attempt to answer. The shooting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida just begs the question as to why bad things happen.

A simple answer could be if bad things didn’t happen then there would be no comparison – no reference – which to understand what is good. In my mind the answer is quite simple – evil. There is evil in this world. While we have wonderful, generous, and compassionate people all over this country and in this world we also have the opposite.

Here’s another couple questions that get asked:

What do we do about these bad things that happen?

How can we prevent them from happening?

Tough questions and the answers are not easy. Living in a free society there are consequences to this freedom. There is no way around it. What I do know is you cannot pass a law to prevent evil from carrying out evil. While laws, ordinances, and policies may guide behavior in the end evil will be evil.

Case in Point: Chicago.

While Chicago has some of the strictist gun control laws in the United States this city also has some of the highest murder and shooting rates.

It’s people. It’s culture.

It’s complicated.



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