So – you’re a prepper?

First off you will be pleased to know that you are not a nut case. Feel better?

Although preparedness is becoming more widespread mainstream preppers are still often looked at strangely by those that are non-believers. The vast majority of people today go through life with little concern with what the future holds.

If you are reading this then your opinion is likely similar to mine – those folks are wrong…..dead wrong. Bad stuff happens to good people every single day. Since we are good people and live in this world it seems pretty logical to take precautions in case something were to happen to disrupt our lives. No one thinks it’s crazy to buy car insurance.

One of the statements I have heard from family members and friends that find out I am a prepper is…..”You are just paranoid because nothing’s ever going to happen.” If you haven’t heard it yet get ready because it’s coming.

If you are preparing now or looking into it no doubt there is something on your mind that lead you here. So – why prepare? Maybe the better question is “What might happen?”

Here is a list:

power outage

severe winter storm



severe drought


grid failure

crime wave


food shortage





EMP attack

solar flare



economic collapse

crime wave

nuclear war



nuclear power plant meltdown

gas/fuel shortage


martial law


Granted some of these are MUCH more likely to happen than others but the fact remains that the world is a dangerous place. It is not insanity to prepare for what might happen – it is a responsibility.

Everyone’s living situation is different. There are geographical differences, climate specifics as well as economical considerations. Someone living in Maine may very well prep for a grid down event in the middle of winter. That would certainly be different than someone else who lives in Arizona in the desert and prepares for an economic collapse and water shortage.

In summary the decisions are your own and you should feel proud of yourself for taking responsibility for you and your family. It doesn’t matter if you are a senior citizen or just graduated high school – hopefully the preparing that you do never pays off and no major life changing event occurs. But if it does – you will be ready.

Take care –